Thursday, November 19, 2015


Some BMW fanatics may have heard of the brand AC Schnitzer (ACS). For the rest who are less knowledgeable about this brand, they are a company based in Germany and pride themselves on creating custom vehicle components solely for BMW. They offer items from aero upgrades to full engine rebuilds. We were lucky enough to see a custom ordered AC Schnitzer F82 M4 factory delivered in Australia. The owner specifically asked that the custom aero be left off the car so that it was more a sleeper, however, ACS forgot about adding the decals to the rear windows!

That aside, they did a good job with the rest of the car. BMW Germany sent the car to AC Schnitzer directly prior to delivery to modify the car to the customers specifications. This included a full motor rebuild, larger turbines, full exhaust, intake upgrade as well as custom suspension. The result? 650hp. 

There are some more mods coming for this car and when it's complete we'll get some more photos! For those interested in some ACS parts for their car check out the website.

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