Saturday, November 7, 2015


A strut brace is essentially what the name says - a bar which is attached to the strut towers of a vehicle. The purpose is to increase chassis strength and maintain the cars alignment angles. In theory, this should assist with better steering feedback and allow the vehicle to be more predictable during hard cornering (where the most chassis flex is encountered). People generally ask can the effects be felt during day to day driving? We have had a number of strut braces installed into our demo cars and for day to day driving - the effects are honestly negligible. Having said that, under specific circumstances - driving over speed bumps, driveways or cornering at a spirited pace, the cars installed with a strut brace definitely feel 'flatter' and more 'soild' as opposed to a car without. In our minds, the small cost of a strut brace is worth investing in if you are interested in extracting the maximum performance from your vehicle.

Ultra Racing have a number of strut braces to suit most makes and models. They are generally a direct bolt on affair and allow for easy installation/removal. Ensure that you check your manufacturers torque settings for the strut bolts! They have also illustrated the effects of a strut brace which makes it easier to comprehend.

Our only concern is that they look slightly off putting in a powder coated gloss white. We purchased one for our project car (F30) and immediately painted it black for that cleaner look.

For those who also own an F30 and looking to purchase one of these, check out this eBay seller. They were easy to deal with and shipping internationally was not a problem. 

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