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The KW HAS (Height Adjustable Spring) Kit has been around for quite some time now and is a popular option for a number of European vehicle owners who wish to lower their car. KW states that this suspension kit is designed "for improved looks and more driving dynamics - in OEM quality." The added benefit in comparison to standard lowering springs is the ability for height adjustment after installation. It also allows you to retain any OEM electronic damper control settings.

KW uses high-quality springs made of chrome-silicon steel. The springs are also developed with spring rates that match with the different damper characteristics of your adaptive suspension.

Installation is a little more involved as you need to remove and replace the bump stops to cater for the lowered ride height. We also recommend a professional wheel alignment to be carried out after the kit has been installed. For those wishing to tackle the installation themselves, we've included a DIY guide as well as the official installation instructions below. 

Example: BMW M3, installation should be similar for most makes and models. Disconnect the battery first.

Remove the lower 18mm bolt.

Remove the rear strut by compressing it down, and pulling it out. If you have EDC, be careful of the connector and remove it by pulling it straight out.

Remove rear spring by sliding it through the hole of the lower control arm. Use an impact gun to remove the top strut hat in order to remove the old bump stop and replace with new bump stop.

Install the new spring assembly. Make sure you remove ALL components that were used by the old spring. Also, for the purposes of installation put the adjuster to full low. From top to bottom - adjuster, spring, adapter, helper spring, lower pad. To install it you will have to place the bottom portion in first. Now you're going to need to use some back strength to get the helper spring to compress far enough to slide the adjuster into the hole.

 Pre-assemble the strut assembly with both top mounts already together with the gaskets, this makes it a lot easier. Compress the strut fully, and quickly pop the bottom into place, and slide the top into place. For EDC, be very careful of the connector and don't forget to plug it in! Once you finally get it all lined up, tighten the e-torx bolts on the top, and the 18mm bolt on the bottom.



One side of the rear is done. Repeat for the other side, then move onto the front. Remove all the plastic covers in the engine bay and also the front strut brace. Remove the bolts holding on the strut and leave them loose.

Remove EDC plug if you have EDC.

Disconnect all the connectors at the bottom of the strut, don't forget about the headlight leveling sensor, wheel speed sensor, brake pad wear sensor, etc.


Disconnect the sway bar bolt.

Remove the 3x 13mm nuts holding the strut in at the top of the car. Remove the 16mm bolt from the sway bar you disconnected above. Keep the steering wheel straight.


Pull the strut out by prying the strut holder apart on the wheel hub.

Remove the strut top using an impact gun.

Put the strut in a vice. Hold it by the piston, but make sure you use a microfiber towel so it doesn't damage it and don't go too tight. Next, remove the strut sensor. Mark where the sway bar link lines up.

Spray WD40 around the area around the lower spring mount and using a hammer, hit the lower spring mount down in multiple places equally. It will fall off after a while.


Measure 3 inches down from where you marked the sway bar link and put a mark here.

Slide the KW spring mount down over the strut. Line it up with the sway bar link you marked previously. Use the
old spring mount as a press to hammer in the KW mount.

Install the bump stop now.

Installation of the spring and top is opposite to removal.

There is a right side strut bolt below the aluminum body brace. Loosen all the bolts on the left side. Remove the two big bolts in the middle. They are hidden under two covers that pop right out. Remove all bolts on the right side. 


Repeat previous steps until complete for other side.

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