Friday, November 16, 2018


We recently installed a set of H&R lowering springs to our Audi S3 8V project car to see if H&R's product claims were true. H&R springs are specifically designed to suit particular makes and models and lowers the vehicle ride height by roughly 1.5-1.8". H&R claims that the lower center of gravity reduces excessive body roll while providing outstanding ridge quality and comfort with the progressive spring rate.

Sample of lowered vehicle:

Our vehicle after the installation and wheel alignment:

The below is our opinion of the parts tested in this review. 

H&R Sport Springs - Part Number 28810-1

Lowering - The car is definitely lower after installing the springs, while they may take some time to settle, the original wheel gap is less visible and in our opinion at a great legal height. Even with a front lip installed we have been able to clear most driveways and speed bumps without issue. 8/10

Handling - Body roll is noticeably reduced in cornering and higher speed turn in. The car provides a bit more confidence now while cornering where as previously, the car would feel less planted. If paired with a rear sway bar we suspect handling to improve even more. Overall we believe for the investment in springs to be able to achieve this is quite outstanding. 9/10

Ride Quality - We had the suspension setting in comfort mode during the ride quality test. While it is comparable to stock, the ride quality is somewhat compromised as the springs do appear to be harder and absorb the bumps a little less than the standard springs do. Cabin creaks seem to have increased slightly due to the stiffer springs. 6/10

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