Sunday, April 10, 2016


Some cars have paddle shifters which move with the steering wheel, if you are in this lucky bunch then you may not need to read this post. However, for those who arn't as lucky, such as some Audi/Volkswagen owners - these cars came with some pretty mediocre paddles out of the factory. This has spurred some aftermarket companies to come up with some alternatives to make it easier for you to change gears while doing some spirited driving - not to mention the aesthetic side of things.

The easy/cheaper option is to opt for some simple stick on pedals, these work as they are suppose to and allow for easy removal if you decide you don't like them. They can be found on a number of sites such as eBay.

Alternatively, if you are feeling a bit more energetic and want to tackle replacing the paddles completely with CNC'ed parts then Street to Track (S2T) performance based in California make a great replacement part. Check out their website here -

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