Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Previously, we spoke about monitoring your engines vitals using the P3Cars Gauge which mounts into the vent of your particular vehicle. While this is a clean and tidy way of installing a gauge, the gauge itself is quite costly and is not compatible with multiple different makes and models of vehicles. While travelling to the track and seeing the Armytrix Phone Application in motion, we were quite intrigued of this idea and have come up with a similar system compatible with most makes and models using the OBD-II system.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Armytrix Phone Application, Vivid Racing has posted a video on YouTube here -

The system uses a wireless OBD-II dongle and a smart phone application to display diagnostics. Engine vitals such as boost levels along with other nifty features such as 0-60 times can all be shown. Simply pick the parameters you want to see in real time and dock your phone in an air vent with a phone holder! We're currently waiting for our parts to arrive so we will do a full review once they show up. In the mean time, check out the parts we ordered for our install in the links below. Note: Some OBD-II dongles are only compatible with Windows/Android. The Etekcity Module is compatible with both while the one we ordered (ELM327) is compatible with Android only.

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