Saturday, August 1, 2015


Generally speaking, when it comes to 'tuning' the engine control unit, the idea is to extract more power by adjusting values such as turbo boost, cam shaft timing, ignition timing while ensuring that air and fuel ratios (AFR) are within the stoichiometric value. The correct stoichiometric value ensures that enough air is supplied to the internal combustion engine to burn all of the available fuel. The perfect mixture for pure octane is approximately 14.7. The lower the AFR the richer the mixture. There are a number of companies which produce replacement ECU's, chips, software flashes and tuning boxes which all aim to increase power, however, a company which focuses primarily on drag racing may set their tunes differently to one which focuses on track racing. As always, be sure to do your due diligence when researching products for your vehicle.

Example - APR Stage 1 Tune (Extra 81 HP)

We reccommend the following companies for software/tuning upgrades -


Be sure to follow our page where we will be installing a Burger Tuning Stage 1 Tuner onto our BMW project car and running it on the dyno to ensure that extra power and torque has been gained throughout the rev range while keeping within safe air fuel ratios. For the BMW owners who are interested in obtaining some extra power in their vehicles feel free to check out products available through eBay.

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