Monday, February 26, 2018


We've noticed that the standard air intake for the Volkswagen MK7/R Golf and Audi A3/S3 models appear to come with some restrictions. While the manufacturer may have a legitimate reason to ensure these restrictions are in place (emissions, reliability) or otherwise, they are definitely robbing from the performance and induction noise. We'll explain below briefly how to remove these restrictions in an Audi A3/S3, however, this will also work across the turbo charged Volkswagen MK7 range.

1) Remove the screws holding on the front air induction box and intake

2) Use a hole saw + drill or dremel to cut out the plastic section blocking off airflow to the airbox

3) Remove the airbox cover, air filter and then finally the plastic grate sitting below the airbox, this will come out with a tug

4) Remove the grill trim sitting at the top of the Audi grill

5) Reassemble all parts and optionally replace panel filter with a high flow item from BMC/K&N. 

That's it, a few simple items to be removed in order to increase airflow to the air box. Combined with a high flow panel filter, we suspect that performance results will be similar to that of expensive 'cold air intake' systems on the market.

Disclaimer: Please exercise caution when undertaking any modifications to your car and check with local authorities / warranty / manufacturers /insurers before following any advice provided on this website. We can not be held responsible for any death, injury, damaged parts, engines, cars, as a result of using information provided on this website. It is intended for general advice only.

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