Friday, June 16, 2017


The M Division (GMBH) have long been creating sports cars out of the base model BMW's. As this didn't seem to satisfy all customers, they went one step further by producing limited edition cars with club sport and track events in mind, catering for those who prefer an all out "race car" from the factory so to speak. Similar to the GT3RS produced by Porsche, BMW's latest incarnation is the F82 M4 GTS. Before we explore the GTS in detail though, lets have a look at the evolution prior to arriving at the M4 GTS.

1990 - E30 M3 Sport Evo II (600 Units)
1994 - E36 M3 GT (350 Units)
2002 - E46 M3 CSL (1383 Units)
2010 - E92 M3 GTS (135 Units)
2016 - F82 M4 GTS (700 Units)

What have they done to a production F82 M4 to make it so special? The technical details we've included as a spec sheet but just as a summary of what's different about the GTS:

Carbon Fiber Vented Bonnet and Door Cards to reduce weight
Carbon Fiber adjustable front splitter
Motorsport adjustable rear wing and diffuser
OLED Tail Lights
Integrated Rear Half Cage, complete with fire extinguisher and rear seat delete panels
Alcantara interior trim and deleted center glove box
Interior instrument panel support is made of carbon fiber
Carbon Fiber bucket seats
Reduced interior sound deadening
S55B30T0 engine (using water injection) 493HP and 600Nm of torque
Titanium Exhaust
Adjustable Coilover Suspension
M Carbon Ceramic Brakes
19" 666M Front wheels and 20" 666M Rear wheels
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres

To make things even more interesting, in 2017 they released a DTM championship edition GTS which were limited to 200 units worldwide and 10 units were allocated to Australia. There is only 1 on Carsales for those who are tempted and have a spare $363696.00 AUD. You will notice all the trinkets we mentioned above plus more in the photos below.

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